Friday, November 30, 2012

Review of Ray Bradbury Bio in Rue Morgue

A quick mention-or Better Late than Never:

My 350-word review of Becoming Ray Bradbury, Jonathan R. Eller's fastidiously-fashioned and rather fascinating biography of Bradbury's formative years, appeared in the Ninth Circle section of the  Oct. issue of Rue Morgue: Horror in Culture & Entertainment. This is one of my more fitting and accomplished reviews, seeing print in October no less, a month that Bradbury celebrated and drew inspiration from throughout his career.

In Becoming, Eller shows how Bradury, working with a series of different mentors, broke into the pulps in the 1940's, including the famous Weird Tales, as well as the "slick" mainstream magazines. Eller also  describes how Bradbury navigated both critics and editors who were perplexed by a writer who crafted  both literary fiction and horror, fantasy and sci-fi fiction shot through with a literary sensibility and a sense of whimsy. Although Eller is the director for Center for Ray Bradbury Studies at the University of Illinois Press, his is no dry academic biography, but a colourful, humanizing portrait of Ray in his beginnings, before he became the white-haired media darling of later years.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

My First Podcast is Online

My first podcast in online! Along with Unreasonable Action founder, Brad Doiron, I do a 32-minute review of Ex Machina, a comic book written by Brian K. Vaughan and drawn predominantly by Tony Harris. Ex Machina features a protagonist who is the mayor of New York City. It's 2003 and Mayor Hundred, a former super-hero, can talk to machines. Using this scaffold, writer Vaughan works all manner of current political themes into his narrative, from same-sex marriage, to cracking down on crime, to 9/11. These are atypical  topics in what is ostensibly a super-hero book, hence my my interest in the series. Readers familiar with Vaughan will know that he also wrote Y: The Last Man, also an epic series peppered with pop culture references, snappy dialogue, and featuring an anti-hero. You can find my podcast at the Unreasonable Action website.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

My interview with Sky Gilbert

My latest assignment appears in the Oct. 11 online issue of Oct. 11 online issue of Xtra: Canada's gay & lesbian news. I interviewed Sky Gilbert, playwright, novelist, poet, and drag queen extraordinaire, about his new novel, Come Back, a critique of gay theory and contemporary gay mainstream culture.
Sky Gilbert, author photo.
The Come Back in question.