Friday, October 31, 2014

Last-minute All Hallows' Eve reading

This is just a quick reminder that if anyone wants a last-minute Halloween read, my story "Drawing Out" appears in last fall's issue of Icarus, which is here. This spooky treat features a rarity - a Jehovah's Witness as the hero. When Esmerelda, an attractive young woman, appears at Frederich's doorstep on Halloween night, he must decide whether or not to help her. Then Tommy Brown shows up, a young boy with a talent for drawing whose friend is in trouble. And, of course, on All Hallows' Eve, anything can happen . . .

Monday, October 27, 2014

I've got a pre-Halloween reading this Thursday, October 30 in Ottawa for Postscripts to Darkness. I'll be mentioning my first horror novel, "Town & Train", coming out in mere weeks - on November 8. I'll be in good company - speculative fiction writers Kate Heartfield, Robin Riopelle, and Ranylt Richildis.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It's leafy early October and I'm thrilled to announce my latest short story publication. Glitterwolf: Halloween, curated by the U.K.'s Matt Cresswell, is publishing "Burial Ground". I have good company, including Steve Berman and other great talents. My thanks go to Matt.
Here are the stunning different covers for the issue.
And here's the elevator pitch I am using for the short story collection I am packaging.
“Burial Ground” features Joshua Naticoke, a bona fide lawyer, trying to leave his past on the reservation behind by moving his family into Glenwood, an environmentally progressive neighbourhood. However, a new past impinges on his family’s shot at a new start. Joshua Naticoke must come through this terrifying spiritual crisis and finally define who he is—a sell-out, a respected lawyer, or a drinker and brawler of his younger days.