Thursday, July 14, 2016

I"m attendin' the Limestone Genre Expo July 23 to 24

I’m excited to be sitting in on a few panels at Kingston’s Limestone Genre Festival, a fun, interactive event for readers and writers of genre fiction.  

I’ll be weighing in on Queering the Fantastic: LGBTQ Identities in Speculative Fiction at 4pm on Sat, July23 along with Tanya Huff, Sean Moreland, Derek Newman-Stille, Violette Malan and Jenn Burke, moderated by Matt Salton.

And on Sun, July24, I’ll be answering the question, What horror trends are scaring you these days? My co-panelists are Matt Moore, David Nickle, Karen Dales, Alyssa Cooper, and Sean Moreland.  Moderator: the fabulous Ranylt Richildis. 

Special guests include Tanya Huff, David Nickle, Jay Odjick, Kit Daven, Marie Bilodeau, Matt Moore, Derek Newman-Stille, Alyssa Cooper, Bob MacKenzie, Robin Riopelle, Caroline Fréchette and more. 

Check out more about the event here.

I'll be at Meet The Authors as part of Ottawa Capital Pride

I'm happy to be part of the Aug18 "Meet The Authors" event at Stonewall Gallery with fabulous speculative fic scribes, 'Nathan Smith and Christian Baines. Thank you, Michael Deyell, for organizing this during Ottawa Capital Pride. 

Monday, July 4, 2016

These Big Hard Sex Criminals are Impressive

Big Hard Sex Criminals is a great book by Matt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky. Neat premise- a couple can stop time when they have sex, so they decide to rob banks in order to stop a local library from closing down. So, yes, it's a dirty little number, but oh so clever, with even a musical scene where the heroine sings Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls" in a pool hall (but none of the lyrics are included because, as the author says, they couldn't get the rights in time). And the hero suffers from ADHD as well as comorbid disorders such as Oppositional Defiance Disorder and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. So, wow. The heroine endures the side effects of her birth control pills such as weight gain and lack of sex drive, resulting in a visit to the doctor where the doctor mentions IUD - an intrauterine device that I have never heard even whispered in comic books.

Big Hard Sex Criminals is just really bloody good writing and art. Excellent job, fellas. I'm not a big follower of Fraction's work; this comic book has changed that.
                                                                        From issue # 3,  with Chip Zdarsky's fine work.