Friday, September 16, 2016

SASE Blues: A Comment

Sending off a Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope (SASE for those in the writin' business, pronounced "Sayse") feels so strange. I have seen my own name that I have written in my own penship on business envelopes come back so many times with bad news that I have trouble trusting my own handwriting, postage paid or not.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

CanCon this Weekend

I’m excited to be part of this weekend's Conference on Canadian Content in Speculative Arts andLiterature, featuring guest of honour, Tanya Huff. 

At 4pm this Saturday, I will be weighing in on, Want to Dominate the World, but Don't Have a Writers' Group? My partners in crime are Maaja Wentz, Mike Rimar, Su Sokol, and Ryan McFadden (moderator).

On Sunday at 10am, I will be on the Horror and Weird Fiction: A Reader’s Panel. Our panelists discuss the most disturbing, lyrical, and scary horror out there. If you want to not sleep for weeks, make yourself a reading list at this panel! My co-panellists are Brett Savory, Sean Moreland, JRebecca Simkin, and Sandra Kasturi.

This will be a speculative blast. More about CanCon here.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Support Lethe Press

My fine pubilsher, Lethe Press, also needs your help. Publisher Steve Berman was brave enough to take a chance on my novel Town & Train, so I'm very proud to be part of their speculative fiction that "is imaginative and strange and wondrous." 

In their own words:
Lethe Press began in 2001 as a home for queer and speculative fiction. Since then we have won numerous awards and acclaim for our books. Many readers feel like outsiders because of the sexual identity--our books are welcome reliefs to this problem; the gay and lesbian protagonists in our books have adventures, chase danger, fall in love, lead rich lives, and overcome the taint of homophobia. Our speculative fiction is imaginative and strange and wondrous. 

As 'Nathan Burgoine says, this is more of a a fundraising process that is more of a subscription and monthly investment. Lethe gets voices out there that readers might never otherwise discover, including Lee Thomas and Dayna Ingram and many others that I am very grateful to have discovered.

Lethe's Patreon is here.