Sunday, June 24, 2012

Priest, Capsule Review

One can summarize the 2011 film Priest in three words - derivative, laughable and hodge-podge. Not only does Priest steal from sci-fi tropes (including but not limited to Star Wars  and the Matrix) and horror tropes (mediocre fare such as the film adaptation of I Am Legend which turns the protagonist into an American Finding a Cure instead being seen as serial-vampire-killer), but the film can't seem to hold its own story together. In one riotously nonsensical throw-away scene, Cam Gigandet's rough-and-tumble character decided to a kick a chicken out of his way, for no particular reason. Paul Bettany, who has done much better work, can't save the movie from itself. Christopher Plummer also finds himself in the midst of this tomato. Perhaps he was seeking directions for a way out of the script.

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