Thursday, July 19, 2012

To summarize - some good, bad and neutral Marvel animated shows

To summarize:
Good Marvel. Good.

The Spectacular Spider-Man: The Complete First Season. Thank you, Marvel, for compiling it all in one set, unlike the second season, which is sold separately as four - count 'em, true believers - four disc sets. Cancelled after two seasons for the reboot below.

Oh . . . bad Marvel. Very bad. I don't know why Spidey is listening to a little angel or a little devil. Perhaps one is trying to convince him the show is good and the other making the case for the show being bad. While the animation is solid and unlike the Anime style of Spectacular (think characters with overly large, round eyes), Ultimate Spider-Man is too plain silly. It is full of slapstick and asides to the viewer, and lacks that Marvel balance of humour, character, and pacing.
                                         Image from Ultimate Spider-Man T.V. show

Again, good Marvel. Very, very good. And, I might add, available as a single collection, Earth's Mightiest Heroes: The Complete First Season. While Blu-ray is readily available, finding this set on DVD is proving to be a challenge. Alas, Marvel also cancelled this series after two seasons in order to start the reboot depicted below.
Image from the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes T.V. show

I dunno', Marvel. Could be good or bad, although it looks very much like a cover for the Ultimates Avengers comic book.drawn by the talented Bryan Hitch and penned by the delightfully feisty Mark Millar.
Image from the upcoming Avengers Assemble T.V show

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