Sunday, July 15, 2012

Capsule TPB review, Beasts of Burden Vol. 1: Animal Rites

Jill Thompson's beautiful artwork and Evan Dorkin's script are irresistible. The writing is reminiscent of Neil Gaiman's treatment of felines in the Sandman opus, in particular Sandman # 18 entitled "A Dream of a Thousand Cats". As for Thompson's illustrations, you can just stare at a particular panel for a while, without any outside illicit stimulation. The resut of this witch's brew is a series of interlocking and compelling supernatural stories as seen through the eyes of dogs and cats. If it sounds weird, it is weird, but Beasts works. Think Kolchak The Night Stalker meets its illegitimate son, The X-Files, meets Watership Down. The animals become the unofficial guardians of Burden Hill, ferreting out mysteries, monsters, and developing as characters as well as in any other good fiction. Thompson is also know for the Scary Godmother children's books.

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