Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Fave Horror & Fantasy Reads of 2012

Locke & Key by Joe Hill
Turns out that Hill, Stephen King's son, has good a good thing going in graphic novels. Great art, great writing, great fun. Best horror comic book out there.

The Guardians by Andrew Pyper
Tight, efficient writing using a classic gothic motif of three high school friends returning to Grimshaw, Ontario. There, they try to figure out what the hell went wrong with all their lives and struggle with modern male identity. Pyper gets extra points for featuring a hero experiencing the onset of Parkinson's Disease.

The Killing Circle by Andrew Pyper
Astonishing story-within-a-story, and a single father's fears for his son, including loads of angst about being a failed writer and the perils of the publishing business.

The Drowning Girl by Kaitlin R. Kiernan
Intoxicating mix of myth, schizophrenia, dark fantasy, and stories-within-stories. Metafiction was big 2012, apparently.


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