Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It's leafy early October and I'm thrilled to announce my latest short story publication. Glitterwolf: Halloween, curated by the U.K.'s Matt Cresswell, is publishing "Burial Ground". I have good company, including Steve Berman and other great talents. My thanks go to Matt.
Here are the stunning different covers for the issue.
And here's the elevator pitch I am using for the short story collection I am packaging.
“Burial Ground” features Joshua Naticoke, a bona fide lawyer, trying to leave his past on the reservation behind by moving his family into Glenwood, an environmentally progressive neighbourhood. However, a new past impinges on his family’s shot at a new start. Joshua Naticoke must come through this terrifying spiritual crisis and finally define who he is—a sell-out, a respected lawyer, or a drinker and brawler of his younger days.

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