Monday, January 5, 2015

My review of Ray Bradbury Unbound in print

At last, my review of Jonathan R. Eller's Ray Bradbury Unbound sees printin issue #152 (Jan./Feb.) of Rue Morgue: Horror in Culture & EntertainmentUnbound is the second in a trilogy of biographies about Bradbury. Eller opens with Bradbury's screen adaptation of Herman Melville's Moby Dick in 1953 under the rocky tutelage of director John Huston and ends in 1971, after a thorough chronicling of Bradbury's indefatigable attempts to adapt his writing for cinema.
While my review is not listed under the Ninth Circle section in the online table of contents, I read the hard copy this weekend, and, like the chef  in the Prego spaghetti sauce commercial saidit's in there.

And, just below my byline, there is a review of Stephen King's new novel, Revival. My name appears mere centimetres away from Mr. King's. What an odd and wondrous coincidence.

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