Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ottawa International Writers Festival Book Launch

I had a great launch last night for my debut horror novel, Town & Train,​ published by Lethe Press​ last November. Fellow journalist and speculative fiction writer Kate Heartfield​ did a superb job hosting and hitting me with some seriously tough questions about the book. I plan to host her debut novel when it comes out as well. Seeing some  audience members come in, I was surprised and delighted. I hadn't seen some of them for eight years. Many I have known for over 20 years.

All in all, the show of support was touching.

And, as always, it never hurts to thank Steve Berman​ for publishing the book, and cheer-leading my choice of excerpts for the reading.

Thank you, Ottawa International Writers Festival​, for inviting me to do the launch. What a night. I am grateful for that, and having an attentive audience of about 25.

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