Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Good to hear writer Evan Munday read on a Tuesday

Tonight, I listened to a writer named Evan Munday read on a Tuesday.

Good. Now that I have the pun out of my system, I will say this in all seriousness -Toronto writer and cartoonist Evan Munday is an incredible pubilc reader. I'm already following his blog  - I don't like Mundays (particularly his year's-best-of-lists) - but to hear him read from his Dead Kids Detective Agency series tonight at Ottawa's ChiSeries was an asbolute joy. 

From doing asides about the Green Hornet character to describing undead kids trying to get the main character, October Schwartz, off a burning ship, he hit the comedic beats repeatedly. And it's a Young Adult series, which makes me guilty of having the sense of humour of a 12 year old.

Munday read from Loyalist to a Fault: The Dead Kids Detective Agency 3 to a crowd of over 40 audience members. His fellow scribes were the very talented Yves Meynard (who has published over 20 novels including Chrysanthe) and Linda Poitevin (the Grigori Legacy series).

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