Friday, November 4, 2016

Had a Great OIW Panel with Robin Riopelle on Building Tension

Promo shot for our Building Tension panel. I like how
Robin and myself have our backs to each other.
To build tension.
Thanky you, Con Cú  and Benoit Chartier, for arranging the thoroughly enjoyable panel that Robin Riopelle  and I sat on for Ottawa Independent Writers last Thursday, Oct27. Despite the snowy and rainy weather, a fierce turnout of at least 40 attendees showed up at the Good Companions Seniors' Centre to hear Robin and I talk about building tension and suspense in our books. She read from her fabulous supernatural suspense novel Deadroads (that I kept gushing about) and I read from Town & Train. The room was great, and brought up great questions. Robin is always so gracious. All in all, we had a fantastic evening. And, because I don't have pics from the event, I will have to share this great promo shot again of Robin and myself and the railroad tracks. Trains and railroad tracks are the common elements in our first novels.

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