Friday, February 24, 2017

Twelve-tweet review of the film Genius about Thomas Wolfe

Tweeted a 12-part review of the film Genius, a mixed work, at best. Jude Law plays literary genius Thomas Wolfe (who eventually informed and inspired Kerouac's view of sprawling America). Colin Firth is quite good as legendary editor Max Perkins who had to cut, cut, cut massive Wolfe's epic manuscripts. this was, though, a very awkward pleasure. As the first movie I've ever seen about Wolfe. I was excited just to hear his prose. However, Genius depicts writers, from F. Scott Fitzgerald to Wolfe, as OCD/mad/mentally ill junkies. Ernest Hemingway is the too-macho exception (as he was, apparently, in real life). Wolfe is portayed as a mentally ill soul whose joy for life is too childike, too rare. He conveniently epiphanates (not a real word, but appropriate), then expires. That's not exactly how Wolfe passed.

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