Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Lost Enough, Anita Dolman's Short Story Collection out Tomorrow

Cover image copyright Morning Rain Publishing, 2017.
I am very proud to announce that Lost Enough, Anita Dolman's debut short fiction collection, comes out tomorrow from Morning Rain Publishing. A mix of lit and spec, it's a stunner. Don't miss it.

Full disclosure: I'm married to her. 

However, several of the pieces in the collection I have edited or at the very least read. The sci-fic piece, "Pacific Standard", in particular, about a woman who works in a hospice and can hear her patients' thoughts, moved me to tears. 

The author has put in the hours on all the stories in here. Anita Dolman deserves this accomplishment at long last.

Reviewer Zachary Houle writes "might very well be among the best books by a Canadian author that I’ve read in my life." His review is here.

I'll let the Morning Rain website description take it from here.

Written with style and elegance, this collection of short stories and flash fiction takes you on a journey of discovery. Set against the stark realism of the vast Canadian landscape, each piece highlights life’s compelling moments in the most poignant ways.

From broken youth to healing seniors, from love lost to relationships found, the stories explore the complicated and uncomfortable while embracing the incredible diversity found in humankind. This dynamic collection touches on cultural distinctions, the LGBTQ community, immigration, Indigenous peoples, and the marginalized aspects of society, opening our hearts to what’s lost or yet to be found.

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