Thursday, June 1, 2017

Attending the Third Limestone Genre Expo

Anyone in and around the Kingston, Ontario area this weekend? 

I’m once again very happy to be part of the June 3-4  Limestone Genre Expo, a fun conference for speculative fiction readers and creators. 

On Saturday at 4pm, I weigh in on On Driving the Reader Mad: Psychological Horror with Nancy Kilpatrick, M. H. Callway, Una Verdandi, Evan May, Suzanne Church and the inestimable Sean Moreland. Moderatred by the fabulous Sandra Kasturi. 

On Sunday at 11am, I discuss, Oh! The Horror!, with luminaries Nancy Kilpatrick, Sean Moreland, Karen Dales, Caroline Fréchette, Sandra Kasturi, Matt Moore, and Karen Dales. Moderated by Kim McDougall.

Check out more about Limestone here.

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