Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Reading for Teens Part Seven of Eight: Ivan E. Coyote's One in Every Crowd

One in Every Crowd
Ivan E. Coyote
Arsenal Pulp Press
March 1, 2012
238 pages
Paperback, $17.95

In One in Every Crowd, Ivan E. Coyote, Vancouver resident and former columnist for Xtra West: Vancouver’s gay & lesbian news for 11 years, drew on strong material—her own. Coyote included about half previously published articles and  half new content about going to into schools and talking about growing up as a gay kid. Crowd also includes the interactions Coyote has had with students and teachers, as well as letters from students.

“For years, librarians and radical English teachers and Drama teachers have been saying 'Can you please put out a book that we can keep in the library?',” Coyote said, referring to her more adult-oriented editorials.

“Then I started working more in high schools and realizing there’s not a lot of stuff out there, especially in that YA market—not just for queer kids, for marginalized kids. “

“It’s about bringing everything out into the sunshine so people can look at what it’s like to be queer in high school still, or different.” Coyote said. 

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