Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Reading for Teens, Part Six of Eight: Kelley Armstrong's The Calling

The Calling
Kelley Armstrong
April 10, 2012
336 pages
Hardcover, $17.99

Maya and her friends, after escaping a fire, are kidnapped and then stranded in the Vancouver Island wilderness. The 16-year-old also has a paw-pint birthmark, which means she can perform extraordinary physical feats and, someday, may transform into something more beastly than a teenaged girl. This second installment of the Darkness Rising trilogy boasts a lot of action. The first novel in the series, The Gathering, appeared in April 2011. The third, Rising, came out in April 2013.

Bestselling author, Kelley Armstrong, also known for her Otherworld novels aimed an adult female audience, wrote Calling for kids. “Here was a chance to really do that kind of survival story,” Armstrong said from Toronto. “If you are plunked out there not knowing where you are, you’ve got a little ways to go to find help and if you’ve got people chasing you, that’s even worse.”

“My ideal reader is usually pretty close to my protagonist, so girls 16 or so. If they say ‘I like paranormal, I like action and adventure’, this book has that. The romance is fairly light. I tend to be someone who prefers the action/adventure part.”


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