Monday, March 16, 2015

Friday the 13th Ottawa Launch of Town & Train

Photo credit: Anita Dolman, 2015.
The Friday, March 13 launch for my debut horror novel, Town & Train, published by Lethe Press, was a huge success. 

I owe a thank you to Steve and Vaughn of Black Squirrel Books for giving me a launch pad. What a fine space and a fine store. Of course, I always thank my publisher, Steve Berman, for making a struggling writer’s dream a reality. Thanks, also to Anita Dolman (Next book's for her.). 

Many friends attended, including fab fellow first-time novelist Robin Riopelle, as well as ChiSeries organizer Matt Moore. A groundswell of folks who do not use social media also appeared, in an astonishing show of support. While I only sold a few books, I was more than happy in the knowledge that most of those in attendance had already purchased a copy. How flattering is that? 
Photo credit: Jackie Stanford, 2015.
Photo credit: Anita Dolman, 2015.

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