Monday, March 2, 2015

Request Town & Train at your local library

Just a quick call-out to writerly and readerly folk. If it's not too much trouble, please request that your local library order my first horror novel, Town & Train, wherever you are in Canada, (and outside Canada, for that matter). Why, you ask?
Well, I just applied for the Public Lending Right Program (PLR). Through the PLR, the Canada Council for the Arts distributes annual payments to Canadian authors as compensation for the free public access to their books in Canadian public libraries. As Town & Train was published through Lethe Press, a small but renowned U.S. publisher, my book does not automatically get distributed to Canadian libraries. However, the more Canadian libraries the book is in, the better the chances of the Canuck author getting compensation.
So, thank you if you request my book at your local library. If you do, lemme know, true believer. If you are the first to respond, saying they asked their library to order my book, guess what? I will send you a free signed copy to get in your hot hands, wherever you are in Canada.

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