Sunday, August 5, 2012

Film Review - Some Guy Who Kills People

Undeniably the best B flick I've seen in a while, this low-budget effort features a protagonist who is purportedly offiing his high school tormentors. The cast sings here, loudly. Kevin Corrigan draws tentative sympathy as the lonely Ken Boyd, fresh from the asylum. He looks dishevelled and disheartened while working at the local dairy bar and still being heckled by bullies. When said bullies are dispatched, however, the killer moves in for the kill, ninja-style. Barry Bostwick is uproarious as Sherriff Walt Fuller. At one point, Sherrif Fuller compares the state of a corpse to minimialistic artwork and yet he is still stymied by the question of the killer's identity or motive. To say that the gangly, white-haired actor is a poor man's Leslie Nielsen would be to underrate his comedic delivery. The teenaged Ariel Glade as Amy Wheeler, Boyd's daughter, soars in her engaging portrayal of curiosity, teen angst, and earnestness. Karen Black, of Shaun of the Dean, among othe films, is always reliable, and does her usual good job.

While SGWKP owes much to the HBO show Dexter, featuring a serial killer who dispatches what he deduces are evil people, the film possesses a darker, albeit humorous, heart. This film won me over. It surprised me often, and surpassing my admitted lack of expectations. It's as though the filmmaker, directory Ryan A. Levin, worked harder because he had a lower budget. Funny, odd, and gratifying, this B-sider was far better than many more financially endowed cinematic projects out there. John Landis, director of the rather superb 1981 film, An American Werewolf in London, was executive producer. Recommended.

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