Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Story about Young Adult Novels (Intro to Eight-Part Article)

I recently attempted to pitch a story about young adult novels to a number of Canadian daily newspapers, both local and international. However, the freelance market being what it is, I was not successful in getting my feature into print. The pitch? Here it is for your perusal:

"As school lets out and the lazy summer days begin, young teens should get excited about reading, particularly YA books penned by writers from across Canada who are producing notable, award-winning work. Parents who read this article can sample books to buy their kids to read at the cottage - or to simply keep the teens out of trouble for a few hours."

So, in essence, I wanted to highlight eight Canadian authors across the country who are doing some notable YA novel work. I also hoped parents would read the article and then present their kids with possible reading options for the summer. I talked to Don Aker in Middleton, Nova Scotia, Catherine Austen in Gatineau, Quebec, and Jeff Ross in Ottawa, Ontario. My Toronto contingent includes Kenneth Oppel, Leah Bobet, and Kelley Armstrong. My West Coast representatives are Ivan E. Coyote and Kit Pearson.

Having failed to have this story in newspapers, however, does not me deter from printing the whole article here, in blogland. I consider the piece a nice cross-sampling of what teens can get into nowadays. On that note, I will present my story in eight parts, starting in eastern Canada and heading west. The story necessitates dividing because I have discovered that cutting and pasting the whole works does away with all formatting.

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