Monday, August 13, 2012

Postscripts to Darkness 2 launched!

On Sat, Aug 11, the Darkness returned to Ottawa. The Postscripts to Darkness 2 launch, organized by co-editors Sean Moreland and Aalya Ahmad, went exceedingly well at the Imperial Pub. Mr. Moreland did a top-shelf job of hosting in front of the hearty crowd of about 40. The audience also watched two short horror films, including James Greatrex's "Heaven over Earth", and listened to readings from the new horror anthology.

The five featured readers read to an enthusiastic crowd.  Zachary Abram opened, with the PhD. candidate from the University of Ottawa sharing "In the Hotel", which features characters who run an establishment housing extraordinary clientele. Rhiannaon M. Dawn came from North Bay to read "Blood Moon", designed to wrankle even the most staid vampire. Daniel Lalonde, a published guidance counselor, drove from Kingston to read "St. Gertrude Boys' Choir". a zombie yarn containing black-than-black humor. I threw in my effort, "Carl's and Monty's Prairie Wager", regarding two old friends who make a bet. PSTD 2 co-editor, Aalya Ahmad, standing in for contributor Tisha Moor, who was unable to attend, read "The Piss Monster", which is actually much better than the title leads one to believe.

I might also add that PSTD 2 includes my e-interview with U.S. horror novelist, Lee Thomas, a notable new talent. The anthology also includes 16 other horror stories and accompanying artwork and is available for a not-so-frightening price of ten dollars.

The launch also attracted ChiZine Publication's Communications Director, Matt Moore. Derek Kunsken, who is involved in the upcoming Canadian Conference on Canadian Content in Speculative Arts and Literature in Ottawa occurring Sept 21-23, also attended.

Kudos to Sean Moreland and Aalya Ahmad for publishing another PSTD, and launching the anthology at a solid event, both enviable feats in Ottawa in early-to-mid August. As Sean mentioned, PSTD 3 is open for submissions for a limited time, due to the tremendous amount of response from prospective contributors.
To buy this issue of Postscripts to Darkness, or others, go here.

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